Thursday, July 1, 2021

Clippers Historic Run Comes to an End, But There's a Lot to be Proud of and Take Away From it

In a seemingly magical postseason run, the Clippers luck has run out once again. Well, it could be called luck, but hardly anything this team accomplished was lucky. The Clippers showed their true colors through their resilience to battle through many obstacles thrown their way. They found themselves down in multiple series with multiple players injured but battled back to fight adversity and find success. This year's Clipper team was special and it was a year unlike prior years.

Clipper fans have seen crazy in the recent decade. History was made this season as in the team's 51st season, they finally reached the Western Conference Finals. They were down 0-2 in their first 2 series, and came back and won in both (only team to do so in a playoff run). Even crazier, the Clippers had lost their superstar Kawhi Leonard and won a huge Game 5 in Utah thanks to 37 points by superstar Paul George and the next game... a 39-point explosion from Terance Mann as he propelled a Clipper comeback to clinch the team's first ever WCF after they were down 25 points in the 3rd quarter. 

"Hopefully we can hold it down... our season is alive because of his shouldering of all the work he's done," said Paul George as he acknowledged the work Kawhi Leonard has done and that the team has to continue to perform while he's out. The Clippers found themselves down 0-2 once again, this time in the conference finals against the Phoenix Suns but came just short and fell to them in 6. It may be tough to go out on a loss, but there's a lot that the team and their fans should be proud of from this run.

The Clippers could've backed down and quit. They were down 0-2 to the Mavericks and were down 30-11 in Game 3. They could've given up then and there but they didn't. Through fatigue and injuries, this team made the world known that they shouldn't be counted out. It's incredible to see how much the team battled, especially missing Leonard for the entirety of this most recent series and also weighing in the fatigue factor. The Clippers had played 15 games in 30 days of June, an absurd number, especially for a team with injuries already. Ty Lue mentioned how Paul George was "out of gas" but gave it his all and "left it all on the floor" which certainly showed as he averaged 29.6 PPG, 11 RPG, 5.6 APG on 44% FG in 41.6 MPG since Kawhi Leonard went out with his knee injury. George has played the most playoff minutes out of any player up to this date by over 120 minutes. Paul George, one of the most criticized players in the NBA, showed why he's a superstar and among the top players in the league with his incredible performances and leadership he displayed throughout the playoffs.

While PG did some of the work, others had to step up with the losses of Kawhi Leonard, Serge Ibaka, and eventually Ivica Zubac. Terance Mann certainly did as his incredible performance in Game 6 against Utah would now likely be known as 'The Terance Mann Game." Lue kept giving Mann a bigger role as the playoffs went on and he helped the team a lot. Nic Batum is another player that has stepped up all season and continued to do so in the playoffs. Batum's ability to guard any position was key for the Clippers in this playoffs and his high IQ was something of a gem that the Clippers were able to utilize. Batum finished the playoffs at an incredible +135 in plus/minus, the highest of any player. Patrick Beverley provided tremendous defense on Donovan Mitchell and Devin Booker throughout the entirety of both series which helped the Clippers a ton. He was also able to do some good damage on offense too. Demarcus Cousins was also inserted into games once Ivica Zubac was out and he provided some scoring, along with Marcus Morris Sr. who stepped up big in the Clips' Game 5 victories in both Utah and Phoenix. Reggie Jackson however, was likely the biggest Clipper that stepped up besides PG. Jackson was tremendous throughout the whole playoff run averaging just under 18 points on about 48% shooting from the field and about 41% shooting from 3. Jackson's incredible post-season performance has earned him many good opportunities for a big pay day as he enters free agency this offseason.

The wild journey the Clippers took showed as the players praised it after the season came to a close last night. "I'm extremely proud of this team, it sucks that it was cut short of our ultimate goal this year of winning a championship, but couldn't be prouder," said Reggie Jackson. Jackson, who was tearing up in the postgame presser, mentioned how he was saved by this team/organization and how he'll ride with those guys who rode with him. He also said, "I'm not here today without this team" and that this has been a special year and has a special place in his heart. It's evident that this Clipper team was very special and a unique group, which is why it'll be tough for players and fans to break this team up.

With the Clippers season coming to an end, it begins to raise some questions about the future of the franchise in the offseason. The team will be losing their assistant coach Chauncey Billups to a head coaching job with Portland. Kawhi Leonard is obviously the big name the Clippers would need back. Leonard, who currently has a player option, is expected to opt out of his current contract as it'll set him up to sign an even bigger contract, but that doesn't mean he'll leave... or stay. As of now, it's too early to tell what Leonard will do, along with Jackson and the others. Jackson is likely going to receive a big contract as a result of his recent play, and Nic Batum will likely get a bigger contract as well. Jackson and Batum finished their contracts making the minimum with the Clippers... yes, they made the minimum and were both huge for the team. Serge Ibaka has a player option, and Patrick Patterson and Demarcus Cousins are unrestricted free agents, while Amir Coffey is a restricted free agent. It's a bit too early to look that far ahead in free agency but just remember, anything can happen. That was definitely the case with this year's Clippers team who will go down as the greatest team in franchise history and one of the most resilient teams in NBA history.

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

How Long Can LAC Stay Afloat Without PG?

As he stated this past offseason, Paul George is back with his trainer from his MVP-caliber season. In that notable ‘MVPG’ season, George averaged career highs in points, rebounds and steals per game. He also finished third in MVP and DPOY voting. In his 20 games played so far this season, it’s evident he’s back to that form as he’s averaging an excellent 24.4 points, 6.2 rebounds, 5.5 assists and 1.2 steals per game.

George is also on track to become a member of the rare 50-40-90 club (50% FG, 40% 3PT, 90% FT). While we’ve seen very outstanding production from PG so far this season, the injury plague unfortunately has struck once again as he’s missed over a week with bone edema in his toe and could miss more time.


This injury typically shows inconclusive traits in terms of recovery time. Bone edema is where fluid builds up at the marrow of the bone and usually happens...

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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Clippers Big Bounce Back and How the Players Are Trending

After suffering their worst loss in franchise history to the Mavericks, the Clippers bounced back and blew out the Timberwolves 124-101. The Clippers, who lacked Kawhi Leonard and Marcus Morris Sr. in each game, took a horrendous loss on Sunday but came out energized to play against Minnesota as they displayed a great example of team basketball with 7 players scoring in double digits in part from 32 assists.

Following the dreadful performance from the Clippers against Dallas, Clippers Center Ivica Zubac noted that the team simply just let the Mavericks "do their plays like a walkthrough." Well, this game against Minnesota was clearly anything but a walkthrough as the Zubac and the Clippers highlighted the physicality and aggressiveness that they possess. After starting off on another rough note tonight, Lou Williams, Ivica Zubac, and the rest of the second unit made their presence immediately felt as Zubac delivered 6 points and 3 blocks in his first 11 minutes in and Williams had 9 quick first quarter points. One thing that the Clippers had trouble with last year was their second unit and how they performed when Kawhi Leonard and/or Paul George checked out of the game. Tonight, those guys brought energy and gave the Clippers a 4 point lead at the end of the first quarter and the team didn't look back as that lead was propelled to 20 by the half after at one point going on a 29-7 run.

With Leonard sitting yet again, Luke Kennard started in his place and scored 15 points. When the Clippers become confident, they are a very tough team to beat. Their confidence translates to their role players in Lou Williams to take more shots, Luke Kennard and Patrick Beverley to shoot more threes, Terance Mann to shoot confidently and become decisive while playing smarter, Ivica Zubac to become more aggressive in the paint, and Nic Batum in possessing that high basketball IQ. 

While Paul George maybe didn't increase his scoring by that much tonight after scoring 15 against Dallas, he didn't need to as the rest of the team stepped up. After the seemingly inexcusable blowout loss to Dallas, Paul George took "full responsibility" as a result of the game and noted after last night's game that "no team is in their perfect form or close to it right now." That is a strong point as it is early in the season and many teams are still figuring themselves out. The Clippers haven't even had Marcus Morris Sr. play a game yet and Kawhi Leonard still has to return from his injury.

Although we've had a small sample size so far to judge how this season could go for the team, we do have some indication on how it could go for certain players. Terance Mann is a player that is trending upwards as he's shown great production off the bench in a playmaker that the Clippers need and his passing can provide that. If Mann can continue to play smart on the court and showcase his solid defensive play, then Tyronn Lue would likely use him a lot in backing up Patrick Beverley. Another player that is trending upwards is Nic Batum. In filling in for Marcus Morris Sr., Batum has shown us some great performances that have also come as surprising to many as it was thought that the Clippers would just go big and run Ibaka and Zubac in the starting lineup with Morris out. While Batum's starting job may not be secure, he can provide some very meaningful minutes off the bench, when Morris returns, in a SF or PF spot that the Clippers have needed someone to step up in. He can do that with his high basketball IQ, ability to teach younger players, and his understanding of knowing his role. Ivica Zubac also looks to be trending positively as had a very aggressive performance last night where he tallied 3 blocks and 12 points and has embraced his new role off of the bench. Lastly, another upward-trending player is Reggie Jackson. In what was arguably his best game in a Clipper uniform, Jackson displayed defensive intensity that we haven't seen from him before. Although he may not play solid on-ball defense (or off-ball for that matter), he does display quickness that can be used to jump into passing lanes and collect steals as he gathered 4 steals last night. While Clippers Coach Tyronn Lue has shown he would bench Jackson among bad performances, Jackson can earn his minutes by bringing that defensive presence and play smarter offensively.

When having such a big loss like the Clippers did on Sunday where just about the whole team played poorly and a big win last night where about the whole team played great, it could be hard to point out certain negatives but there are some that are notable. While Luke Kennard did have a great performance yesterday, he could be on the downward trend as he plays well with his shooting mostly and he'll really have to make the most of his shots going forwards when Leonard and Morris return. His defense isn't too great and the main defensive difference between him and Reggie Jackson is that Jackson is quick and able to step in the passing lanes and recover at times when beaten while Kennard lacks speed. Another downwards headed player is Mfiondu Kabengele. While he doesn't get much playing time to start, he needs to make the most of his minutes as he usually only gets in when the bigs are in foul trouble or in blowout games. Kabengele is a player who the Clippers seemed to be very high on as they traded up in the 2019 draft to select him and have excluded him in multiple trades they've made but it was surprising when it was announced before the game yesterday that the Clippers didn't pick up their third-year option with him. That means that they'll see how he performs this season and then decide if they want to bring him back or not. Last night in the 8 minutes he played, there was a noticeable sense of urgency and panic that he played with and he simply just has to play relaxed like he had in previous games. Lastly, Patrick Patterson is also on the downwards spiral. After playing poorly in the Clippers first game and mediocre in the next few, Patterson was a DNP-CD last night. With other players like Zubac and Batum stepping up and Morris yet to make his return, it's hard to see Patterson getting a set role in the first few units.

While it is early in the season, the Clippers are on their revenge tour from their heartbreaking playoff outcome last season. With role players stepping up and the team playing with energy, aggressiveness, and confidence, this team is very difficult to overcome.

The Clippers next play the Portland Trail Blazers tonight at 7 PM PT.

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Analyzing the Clippers' Signing of Serge Ibaka

After uncertainty in the NBA world regarding which team notable free agent Serge Ibaka would sign with, the Clippers ended up securing him on a two year deal (with the 2nd year being a player option) worth $19 million. This is a great pickup for the Clippers as they headed into the offseason looking for a good big man and ended up getting the best realistic option in free agency that they could've got.

Ibaka is a player that can do it all on both sides of the court. Last season with Toronto, he averaged a career high 15.4 PPG along with 8.2 RPG and shot almost 39% from three. While his shot blocking has declined a bit over the years, he is still known as a good defender. The 7 footer (yes, he's 7 feet tall and can shoot) gives the Clippers that height that they desperately needed last year when the playoffs came around. With the loss of both Montrezl Harrell (Lakers) and JaMychal Green (Nuggets), Ibaka will likely fill role of Harrell at the backup Center spot. As far as replacing Green, the Clippers re-signed Marcus Morris who will likely play even more at PF to fill in for Green or could even sign his brother Markieff or acquire another big man to replace Green which was a big loss for the Clippers.

Ibaka was also rumored to go to the Brooklyn Nets and was offered a 1 year, $12 million deal to return to Toronto but turned that down. It would make sense if it were said that Kawhi Leonard had an influence on Ibaka to come to the Clippers as they had won a championship on the Raptors in 2019. Also, Ibaka looks to be a better option than Harrell for the Clippers. In the playoffs just months ago, the Clippers lacked size and had defensive troubles when Ivica Zubac came off of the court and Harrell was the main reason for that being an undersized center. Ibaka gives the Clippers that upgrade at backup center as he is just as tall as Zubac, can shoot outside, rebound well, and gives the opportunity for the Clippers to insert a big lineup if they ever wanted to play him at PF and Zubac at C or even not have to worry about sizing matchups if Zubac were to get in foul trouble or injured. As we are down to exactly 1 month before the season kicks off, we may see the Clippers make a move or two to complete their team but just know, they filled their main concern at the center position with the acquisition of Serge Ibaka.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

The Clippers Stay Silent Heading into NBA Draft Day

Exploring the Options that The Clippers Have for the Offseason

With multiple trades being made already in the NBA offseason such as Chris Paul to the Phoenix Suns and Jrue Holiday to the Milwaukee Bucks, the Los Angeles Clippers are yet to make noise since the moratorium period was lifted on Monday. It was said that they would acquire a big named point guard in Paul or Holiday but since they have found new homes, the Clippers have to look elsewhere at the positions they need.

With the Clippers season ending in a disappointing fashion where the Nuggets overcame a 3-1 deficit and beat them, it became clear to the front office that there were a few tweaks to be made. The first ones came with coaching as Doc Rivers and the Clippers parted ways. As Rivers left, Clippers Assistant Coach Sam Cassell went with him to the 76ers and Rex Kalamian went to the Kings which caused the organization to shake up the whole coaching staff. The Clippers promoted Tyronn Lue to Head Coach and hired Dan Craig (a high profiled assistant who had multiple opportunities to become a head coach for this-coming season), Kenny Atkinson (who coached the Nets for the last 4 seasons), Chauncey Billups (an NBA champion who played 16 years in the league and most recently was a color commentator for the Clippers and an ESPN analyst), Larry Drew (who has been an NBA coach for 28 years and played in the league for 10 years), Roy Rogers (an assistant coach for 12 years), and even more hires for the organization.

As the Clippers formed a very good coaching staff, it is expected that they are looking towards acquiring more assets for this-coming season. It was said that Chris Paul was interested in rejoining the Clippers but he ended up being traded to Phoenix and Jrue Holiday was another good option but the Bucks acquired him. Dennis Schröder was another solid point guard option (that many thought wouldn't be dealt) but he was traded to the Lakers for the 28th pick and Danny Green (who was then traded along with Terrance Ferguson for Al Horford, the rights to Vasilije Micic and 2 picks). With those players off the board, Rajon Rondo, Russell Westbrook, and Kris Dunn are some names that have been brought up. Acquiring Westbrook is unlikely as the team would have to give up a good amount or Paul George and it seems like PG will stay in LA. Rondo is a different story as he is expected to receive a more lucrative offer from the Hawks than the Clippers can give him, but is reportedly still interested in playing the Clippers. Dunn isn't being issued a qualifying offer from Chicago and is another possibility. This past season, Westbrook averaged 27.2 points points per game, 7.9 rebounds, 7 assists, shot 47% from the field but only 26% from three. Rondo averaged 7.1 points per game, 5 assists, shot 42% from the field and 33% from three while playing 48 games and only starting in 3 of them but did increase those stats during the playoffs a bit. Dunn averaged 7.3 points, 3.6 rebounds, 3.4 assists, and 2 steals per game while shooting 44% from the field and only 26% from three. These players do have some shooting inconsistencies, so there are other options the Clippers should explore.

With the Pelicans shipping away some of their point guards, the Clippers may want to take a look at them. Those point guards are George Hill and Eric Bledsoe who could each be a good fit with the Clippers. Some other players the Clippers could go for are Derrick Rose or Jeff Teague in free agency. Along with a point guard, the Clippers also need a solid big man to back up Ivica Zubac. It is expected that Montrezl Harrell leaves in free agency, and even if the Clippers are able to bring back JaMychal Green and Marcus Morris, they still need another big. The best free agent options for that role would be Serge Ibaka and some other options include Nerlens Noel, Aron Baynes, and Tristian Thompson but it is unclear what the Clippers would really do. In today's draft, the Clippers have the 57th pick of the draft but it has been rumored that they might trade up. One rumor is Lou Williams to the Mavericks for the 18th pick but it seems as if that trade isn't getting far as the Mavericks are talking to other teams for that pick.

While there are many scenarios that have been thrown into NBA offseason conversations for the Clippers, we still aren't sure what they will really do. Since Jerry West joined the organization, the Clippers have been 'silent but deadly' in the offseason meaning nothing in the front office is leaked to the media but there are many notable moves (such as acquiring Kawhi Leonard last season after being "ruled out" and trading for Paul George). While the clock is ticking, we'll just have to wait and see what tricks Michael Winger, Jerry West, and Lawrence Frank have up their sleeves.

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Who Should the Clippers Trust to Play Against the Nuggets? - Clippers vs Nuggets Series Preview


The 2nd round is set and the 2nd seeded Los Angeles Clippers are facing off against the 3rd seeded Denver Nuggets. Game 1 tips off in a little over an hour. While many may think the Clippers can cruise past the Nuggets in this series, that may not be the case. While the Nuggets don't have the best offense ever like the Mavericks did last round, they do have a few star players filled by key role players that can step up when needed. The Clippers have to be ready for the Nuggets who can dangerously catch fire easily.

Coming out of a Game 7 win against the Oklahoma City Thunder, Denver should be exhausted for Game 1 but they can fuel off their win from last game and carry that energy into this one which can be dangerous. This playoffs so far, Jamal Murray has averaged 31.6 PPG (3rd in the NBA) and Kawhi has averaged 32.8 PPG (2nd in the NBA). They are also making history in that it's the first time that two opposing players are averaging at least 30 PPG, 5 RPG, and 5 APG going into a playoff series. They have each been very efficient and that should continue to happen this series.

In order for the Clippers to win this series, they need to trust their surrounding players such as Lou Williams, Patrick Beverley, Ivica Zubac, JaMychal Green, and more. This season, Lou Williams has played very well this season against Denver averaging 22 Points in 3 games. He needs to be trusted as Denver is a team that drops Nikola Jokic a ton and Lou can easily blow by him or finish over him or just shoot uncontested jumpers on switches. With Patrick Beverley returning after only playing 1 game last series, he also needs to be on the court a lot because of his energy and defensive abilities (but he may unfortunatley be on a minutes restriction. Last series we saw Doc Rivers put lineups where there was no defense all like his Reggie-Lou-Trezz lineups that obviously didn't work. While Reggie can hit spot-up threes, he can not be trusted as on defense as it is easy to score over him, he isn't as aggressive as Beverley is, and he lacks energy at times and on offense his ball-handling is out of control. Marcus Morris is another player to keep an eye on as he has been shooting very well recently but it will be interesting to see how he responds following his ejection in Game 6 against Dallas.

This could also be a breakout series for JaMychal Green who played a very good Game 6 last series and was great last year against the Warriors. Doc Rivers needs to play JaMychal Green more than Montrezl Harrell and even play him with Zubac at times as it worked very well in Game 6. Green has a very nice shot, nice touching finish in the post, and can play pretty good defense at times whereas Harrell brings the energy but his defense is not good and he won't be will be able to guard Jokic (who plays nearly the whole game). In addition to Green, Ivica Zubac needs to be trusted as we all know he is a very solid rim protector and a great finisher. Another player to watch out for is Landry Shamet as he was very solid in Round 1 as a starter where he has a +/- of +37 in Games 3-7 starting but a -31 while coming off the bench.

Also, the Clippers need to get the ball in Kawhi Leonard's hands about every play that he's in. Leonard is averaging 25 PPG against Denver this year in 3 games and he has to be the star on offense and defense this series but his scoring could be limited as Denver recently assigned Jerami Grant to guard Leonard who is very athletic and lanky. Coach Rivers might also want to have Kawhi guard Jamal Murray to start as this season Kawhi has held Murray to 8 points on 3-11 shooting and 2 turnovers while being the primary defender on Murray in the half-court plays. This could also be a breakout series for PG who still is trying to get all the way back on track and who averaged a team high 25.5 PPG on 51.4% shooting vs Denver this year.

Once again, the Clippers need to set the tone and come out fiery and aggressive against this Nuggets team. If this happens, the Clippers have to continue to be aggressive and not settle for shots like they did in the Mavericks series which allowed the Mavericks to come back multiple times.

Clips in 7.

Thursday, August 27, 2020

How Clippers Head Coach Doc Rivers Helped Influence Boycotts Around the Sports World in Support of the Black Lives Matter Movement

After an incredible 154-111 LA Clippers win over the Dallas Mavericks the other night in game 5, Clippers Head Coach Doc Rivers delivered a very powerful postgame speech. But, the big news story of the game ended up coming after the game where Coach Rivers addressed his thoughts on the recent police shooting on Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin that left Blake in critical condition and paralyzed from the waist down.
While fighting his emotions, Rivers touched on how Black people are getting killed, shot, hung, and denied to live in certain communities. He also said "it's amazing to me why we keep loving this country and this country doesn't love us back" and also says that "you don't need to be black to be outraged." His powerful words rang through the NBA and were put into action yesterday in the form of a boycott.

Also, 2 nights ago, an Illinois teen open fired on protesters in Kenosha. TWO people were killed and ONE is seriously wounded as a result of the disgusting act. This violence sparked even more frustration today. As a result of this, the Jacob Blake shooting, and the 400 YEARS OF RACIAL OPPRESSION THAT BLACK PEOPLE HAVE FACED, the Milwaukee Bucks were the first team to decide they wouldn't be stepping on the court and playing today in Game 5 against the Orlando Magic. As it counts as a forfeit and the Magic would win, the Magic declined the win and did the same boycotting the game. Shortly after, Oklahoma City Thunder Point Guard Chris Paul, who is the President of the National Basketball Players Association, and Houston Rockets Point Guard Russell Westbrook discussed the boycott and decided their teams will boycott and after that, the Los Angeles Lakers and Portland Trail Blazers decided they'd boycott their games.

In addition to the NBA games today and yesterday being boycotted and postponed, WNBA players also boycotted their games yesterday and they have also been postponed. In the WNBA, the Washington Mystics players each wore shirts spelling out 'Jacob Blake' and the shirts featured 7 holes on the back of them symbolizing the 7 times that Jacob Blake was shot.

Later, the whole WNBA league joined in unity for their advocation of Black Lives Matter in attempt to spark change and demand justice.


With those 2 leagues boycotting, the MLS and MLB have also boycotted some games and NHL players have boycotted Thursday and Friday games. The boycotts yesterday happened to fall on the 4 year anniversary of the first time that Colin Kaepernick addressed himself kneeling for the national anthem before his game. Many others in the sports world have spoken on the Jacob Blake incident and how police brutality keeps happening in the all over and how they fight and demand justice, change, and equality for the Black Lives Matter movement. Those who have spoken on it include former NBA veteran and current TNT commentator Chris Webber (who was almost brought to tears while addressing it), Jason Heyward (Cubs outfielder), Dee Gordon (Mariners infielder), tennis star Naomi Osaka, Lakers superstar LeBron James, Trail Blazers' Moe Harkless (who revealed his experience with the police), NBA star Donovan Mitchell (who has spoken out multiple times recently), WNBA All Star A'ja Wilson, NBA Champion Robert Horry (who was brought to tears on the subject), Mets first baseman Dominic Smith (who was also very distraught and brought to tears on the matter), and many more. Along with all of those who spoke out, TNT analyst Kenny Smith followed the players' lead and boycotted leaving the set live during the show.
While the Bucks boycotted their game, they also spent significant time on the phone talking to Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes and Wisconsin Governor on the recent violent acts and urging police reform. Some players also have horrifying personal encounters with the police such as Sterling Brown who had a knee to his neck and was punched and tased by the Milwaukee Police Department after parking incorrectly and former Bucks Center John Henson who had the cops called on after being racially profiled while he was shopping for jewelry. It was also said that the emotional stress of being inside the bubble, as Paul George recently opened up about, and the Jacob Blake killing sparked the players to snap and start the boycott. As games were being postponed, the NBA had a meeting later that night to decide how to move forward. It was said that Clippers coaches Doc Rivers and Armond Hill and Rockets coach John Lucas spoke out. It was also reported that some of the players who spoke out included LeBron James, Kyle Korver, Damian Lillard, Patrick Beverley, Carmelo Anthony, and Jaylen Brown and that every team took a vote on if they wanted to continue the season. It was said that the Lakers and Clippers did not want to at that time so LeBron James left the meeting room and the Lakers and Clippers followed.

After another meeting today, it was said stances have changed and every team will resume the NBA season as they still try to highlight the bigger picture that is going on, police reform and ending that brutality. A big reason for this continuation is that coaches and players believe if they do leave the bubble, it would take away their huge platform and they want to address the issues now and while they have this platform.