Sunday, June 2, 2013

White Sox @ A's

Today June 2nd, 2013 me, my dad, and my brother went to the White Sox @ A's game hoping there is a sweep.
( 6 feet) Yoenis Cespedes ( runner on first)
This is a video of me and my brother running the bases after the game

(6 foot 8) Nate Freiman ( runner on first)


It is pretty hard to tell what happened but the first cheer is when the A's struck out a guy on the other team. The next couple cheers is when there was two strikes on the batter and a couple foul balls and eventually the A's won the game. Go Athletics!!!

Bruins @ Stanford and Kings @ the Shark Tank game 6

On Saturday May, 25th Jonas, Me, and our Dad went to the UCLA BRUINS VS. STANFORD CARDINAL baseball game. It was pretty close the whole way. There was not that much hits but a lot of action in the field. The pitchers on each team threw fast. My brother wanted Stanford but me and my dad wanted the Bruins. We left in the middle of the 7th inning and we found out that Stanford won. We still had lots of fun.
The next day me and my dad went to the Kings vs. Sharks game while my brother, my mom, and my brothers friend. The Sharks scored first in the game in the first period. Then later in the second period the Kings scored but late in the second period the sharks scored. The third period was scoreless and the sharks won but I still had fun. But the Kings won the series.

Kings at the Shark tank game 3

On Saturday May, 18th my dad, my brother, me, and my friend Jackson went to the Kings game in San Jose. My dad and me wanted the Kings and Jackson and my brother wanted the sharks.
It was a close game and the Sharks scored a goal within 3 seconds in the power play. Later in the first the scored a goal to tie it up at 1 a piece. The second period was scoreless and same with the third. Towards the end of the third and beginning of overtime there was 2 penalties on the Kings. The Sharks had won the game in overtime but I had fun and it was a fun day.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Spurs vs. Warriors on may 12, 2013 (mothers day)

On May 12, 2013 my mom, dad, brother, and me went to the Warriors game. The Warriors were losing the whole way. Tony Parker played ok here is his shooting stats is 17 points on 6-of-17 shooting with a hurt calf.

At the game we were surprised to see Colin Kaepernick at the game. He was in a box above us. He is in the yellow hat. Some other stats are that Golden State outshot San Antonio 38 to 35.5 percent. The Warriors also outrebounded the Spurs 65-51. The Warriors came back. Here is some information that happened at the end of the game. Ginobili hit a mid-range jumper and a 3-pointer, and Kawhi Leonard put back a rebound for an easy layup to put the Spurs ahead 80-72 with 4:49 remaining in the fourth quarter. With the series slipping away from the Warriors, their home sellout crowd sat down and fell silent for one of the few times in the fourth quarter all postseason. Jack hit three jumpers and Klay Thompson added another to pull the Warriors even with less than a minute to play in regulation. After Parker provided a jumper to put the Spurs ahead 84-82, Thompson dribbled to his right and banked in the tying shot over Leonard with 30 seconds left. The Spurs missed a shot the Warriors got the rebound and called timeout. There was about 17 seconds left on the clock and Jarrett Jack took a wild shot to send it to overtime. But in o.t. the Warriors had 13 points and the Spurs had 3. Game over Warriors won and Stephen Curry said in the locker room that it was a big day for the Curry's because his brother Seth was graduating from Duke.