Thursday, September 3, 2020

Who Should the Clippers Trust to Play Against the Nuggets? - Clippers vs Nuggets Series Preview


The 2nd round is set and the 2nd seeded Los Angeles Clippers are facing off against the 3rd seeded Denver Nuggets. Game 1 tips off in a little over an hour. While many may think the Clippers can cruise past the Nuggets in this series, that may not be the case. While the Nuggets don't have the best offense ever like the Mavericks did last round, they do have a few star players filled by key role players that can step up when needed. The Clippers have to be ready for the Nuggets who can dangerously catch fire easily.

Coming out of a Game 7 win against the Oklahoma City Thunder, Denver should be exhausted for Game 1 but they can fuel off their win from last game and carry that energy into this one which can be dangerous. This playoffs so far, Jamal Murray has averaged 31.6 PPG (3rd in the NBA) and Kawhi has averaged 32.8 PPG (2nd in the NBA). They are also making history in that it's the first time that two opposing players are averaging at least 30 PPG, 5 RPG, and 5 APG going into a playoff series. They have each been very efficient and that should continue to happen this series.

In order for the Clippers to win this series, they need to trust their surrounding players such as Lou Williams, Patrick Beverley, Ivica Zubac, JaMychal Green, and more. This season, Lou Williams has played very well this season against Denver averaging 22 Points in 3 games. He needs to be trusted as Denver is a team that drops Nikola Jokic a ton and Lou can easily blow by him or finish over him or just shoot uncontested jumpers on switches. With Patrick Beverley returning after only playing 1 game last series, he also needs to be on the court a lot because of his energy and defensive abilities (but he may unfortunatley be on a minutes restriction. Last series we saw Doc Rivers put lineups where there was no defense all like his Reggie-Lou-Trezz lineups that obviously didn't work. While Reggie can hit spot-up threes, he can not be trusted as on defense as it is easy to score over him, he isn't as aggressive as Beverley is, and he lacks energy at times and on offense his ball-handling is out of control. Marcus Morris is another player to keep an eye on as he has been shooting very well recently but it will be interesting to see how he responds following his ejection in Game 6 against Dallas.

This could also be a breakout series for JaMychal Green who played a very good Game 6 last series and was great last year against the Warriors. Doc Rivers needs to play JaMychal Green more than Montrezl Harrell and even play him with Zubac at times as it worked very well in Game 6. Green has a very nice shot, nice touching finish in the post, and can play pretty good defense at times whereas Harrell brings the energy but his defense is not good and he won't be will be able to guard Jokic (who plays nearly the whole game). In addition to Green, Ivica Zubac needs to be trusted as we all know he is a very solid rim protector and a great finisher. Another player to watch out for is Landry Shamet as he was very solid in Round 1 as a starter where he has a +/- of +37 in Games 3-7 starting but a -31 while coming off the bench.

Also, the Clippers need to get the ball in Kawhi Leonard's hands about every play that he's in. Leonard is averaging 25 PPG against Denver this year in 3 games and he has to be the star on offense and defense this series but his scoring could be limited as Denver recently assigned Jerami Grant to guard Leonard who is very athletic and lanky. Coach Rivers might also want to have Kawhi guard Jamal Murray to start as this season Kawhi has held Murray to 8 points on 3-11 shooting and 2 turnovers while being the primary defender on Murray in the half-court plays. This could also be a breakout series for PG who still is trying to get all the way back on track and who averaged a team high 25.5 PPG on 51.4% shooting vs Denver this year.

Once again, the Clippers need to set the tone and come out fiery and aggressive against this Nuggets team. If this happens, the Clippers have to continue to be aggressive and not settle for shots like they did in the Mavericks series which allowed the Mavericks to come back multiple times.

Clips in 7.

Thursday, August 27, 2020

How Clippers Head Coach Doc Rivers Helped Influence Boycotts Around the Sports World in advocation for Black Lives Matter

After an incredible 154-111 LA Clippers win over the Dallas Mavericks the other night in game 5, Clippers Head Coach Doc Rivers delivered a very powerful postgame speech. But, the big news story of the game ended up coming after the game where Coach Rivers addressed his thoughts on the recent police shooting on Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin that left Blake in critical condition and paralyzed from the waist down.
While fighting his emotions, Rivers touched on how Black people are getting killed, shot, hung, and denied to live in certain communities. He also said "it's amazing to me why we keep loving this country and this country doesn't love us back" and also says that "you don't need to be black to be outraged." His powerful words rang through the NBA and were put into action yesterday in the form of a boycott.

Also, 2 nights ago, an Illinois teen open fired on protesters in Kenosha. TWO people were killed and ONE is seriously wounded as a result of the disgusting act. This violence sparked even more frustration today. As a result of this, the Jacob Blake shooting, and the 400 YEARS OF RACIAL OPPRESSION THAT BLACK PEOPLE HAVE FACED, the Milwaukee Bucks were the first team to decide they wouldn't be stepping on the court and playing today in Game 5 against the Orlando Magic. As it counts as a forfeit and the Magic would win, the Magic declined the win and did the same boycotting the game. Shortly after, Oklahoma City Thunder Point Guard Chris Paul, who is the President of the National Basketball Players Association, and Houston Rockets Point Guard Russell Westbrook discussed the boycott and decided their teams will boycott and after that, the Los Angeles Lakers and Portland Trail Blazers decided they'd boycott their games.

In addition to the NBA games today and yesterday being boycotted and postponed, WNBA players also boycotted their games yesterday and they have also been postponed. In the WNBA, the Washington Mystics players each wore shirts spelling out 'Jacob Blake' and the shirts featured 7 holes on the back of them symbolizing the 7 times that Jacob Blake was shot.

Later, the whole WNBA league joined in unity for their advocation of Black Lives Matter in attempt to spark change and demand justice.


With those 2 leagues boycotting, the MLS and MLB have also boycotted some games and NHL players have boycotted Thursday and Friday games. The boycotts yesterday happened to fall on the 4 year anniversary of the first time that Colin Kaepernick addressed himself kneeling for the national anthem before his game. Many others in the sports world have spoken on the Jacob Blake incident and how police brutality keeps happening in the all over and how they fight and demand justice, change, and equality for the Black Lives Matter movement. Those who have spoken on it include former NBA veteran and current TNT commentator Chris Webber (who was almost brought to tears while addressing it), Jason Heyward (Cubs outfielder), Dee Gordon (Mariners infielder), tennis star Naomi Osaka, Lakers superstar LeBron James, Trail Blazers' Moe Harkless (who revealed his experience with the police), NBA star Donovan Mitchell (who has spoken out multiple times recently), WNBA All Star A'ja Wilson, NBA Champion Robert Horry (who was brought to tears on the subject), Mets first baseman Dominic Smith (who was also very distraught and brought to tears on the matter), and many more. Along with all of those who spoke out, TNT analyst Kenny Smith followed the players' lead and boycotted leaving the set live during the show.
While the Bucks boycotted their game, they also spent significant time on the phone talking to Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes and Wisconsin Governor on the recent violent acts and urging police reform. Some players also have horrifying personal encounters with the police such as Sterling Brown who had a knee to his neck and was punched and tased by the Milwaukee Police Department after parking incorrectly and former Bucks Center John Henson who had the cops called on after being racially profiled while he was shopping for jewelry. It was also said that the emotional stress of being inside the bubble, as Paul George recently opened up about, and the Jacob Blake killing sparked the players to snap and start the boycott. As games were being postponed, the NBA had a meeting later that night to decide how to move forward. It was said that Clippers coaches Doc Rivers and Armond Hill and Rockets coach John Lucas spoke out. It was also reported that some of the players who spoke out included LeBron James, Kyle Korver, Damian Lillard, Patrick Beverley, Carmelo Anthony, and Jaylen Brown and that every team took a vote on if they wanted to continue the season. It was said that the Lakers and Clippers did not want to at that time so LeBron James left the meeting room and the Lakers and Clippers followed.

After another meeting today, it was said stances have changed and every team will resume the NBA season as they still try to highlight the bigger picture that is going on, police reform and ending that brutality. A big reason for this continuation is that coaches and players believe if they do leave the bubble, it would take away their huge platform and they want to address the issues now and while they have this platform.

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Key Adjustments the LA Clippers Need to Make for Game 2 Against the Dallas Mavericks

ImageIt was ugly, but the Clippers beat the Mavericks the other day in Game 1 of the 1st round. The Clippers started up big, then the Mavericks went on a huge run, then after a Kristaps Porzingis ejection early in the 3rd quarter, the Clippers came back and won by 8. Kawhi Leonard lead the team in scoring with 29 points and also had 12 rebounds, 6 assists, and 3 steals. Paul George had 27 points, Marcus Morris played great on both sides of the ball and had 19 points on 8-13 shooting, 6 rebounds, and 4 steals, and Ivica Zubac had a double double but other than that, the rest of the guys did not play well. Reggie Jackson and Lou Williams struggled on both sides of the ball, Montrezl Harrell couldn't pick up where he left off months ago, Patrick Beverley got into foul trouble, and JaMychal Green didn't play bad but didn't play great either. On the other side, Luka Doncic had 42 points in his playoff debut, Tim Hardaway Jr. had 18 points with 4 threes, Seth Curry had 14 points with 4 threes, and Kristaps Porzingis had 14 points in the 20 minutes that he played before getting ejected from his 2nd technical foul. Game 1 showed us a lot from each side and here are some adjustments the Clippers have to make for Game 2 and the rest of the series.

Intensity/The Easing Up Problem

The Clippers went up by 16 points early in the game. Everyone was hitting shots and playing great defense with great communication. They looked like they couldn't be stopped but then the Mavericks went on a run where they outscored the Clippers by 30. This has happened before in the season where the Clippers build up a big lead and then blow it in a matter of minutes. The Clippers get way too comfortable and start taking bad shots. When they take these shots, they then dig themselves into a hole and continue to take them to try to get out of that whole, making it even worse. The intensity levels drop a ton when the Clippers have a double-digit lead and this cannot happen. We saw Patrick Beverley play outstanding defense the 1st few minutes of Game 1 and the rest of the Clippers had great defense too at that time, but now Beverley is out for Game 2 and someone else needs to bring the intensity (especially on defense). They forced Luka Doncic into 4 early turnovers. This defensive intensity has to continue to happen and the Clippers can't soften up or they'll blow their lead.

Defending Shooters

The Clippers have continued to defend horribly on shooters. We've seen a lot of this in bubble play where they leave shooters open to hit easy shots off of poorly thought out help defense scenarios. This was the same thing the Clippers did in one of the restart bubble games against Dallas but the Mavericks actually hit their shots this time around. The Mavericks have a team of all shooters (yes, even Michael Kidd-Gilchrist can apparently shoot all of the sudden) and the Clippers cannot put much emphasis on help defense. Players like Reggie Jackson and Lou Williams have to stay out guarding the perimeter as if they don't, Curry and Hardaway Jr. can hit easy threes. Luckily, Coach Doc Rivers sees that players have been giving up easy shots and will likely aid players towards fixing that problem.

Being Aggressive on Both Ends

Being aggressive is the main adjustment the Clippers need to make for this game. There shouldn't be any settling for bad shots that cost them the game. The Clippers HAVE TO take the ball to the hoop. A key idea in this is going right at Maxi Kleber and trying to draw him into foul trouble. Kleber is a lanky big that can shoot the three well and if he gets into foul trouble, that means that Boban Marjanovic will come in who doesn't shoot the three much. This will help as Zubac can protect the paint more as he wouldn't be near the three point line defending Kleber. On defense, the Clippers also have to find a way to be aggressive without getting fouls called on them which has been a problem. Players like Ivica Zubac, JaMychal Green, PG, and Kawhi can get into foul trouble easily and with Scott Foster officiating and his bad history with the LA Clippers, it won't be any easier to stay out of foul trouble but the team cannot lose these players to fouls.

Stepping Up

With Patrick Beverley out, the Clippers need their whole team to step up. Last game we saw Zu, Kawhi, PG, and Morris play great, but everyone else played poorly. Granted, we did have some clutch Beverley 4th quarter rebounds, but everyone needs to do their part for this team. Marcus Morris played amazing last game as he hit shots throughout the game to keep the Clippers in it and also played solid defense on a fiery Luka Doncic who finished with 42 points. This team loses a key defender in Patrick Beverley and the Clippers need the 'good' Reggie Jackson to step up tonight and find players than rather having the Reggie Jackson who forces up shots and makes poor defensive decisions. This will also be Montrezl Harrell's 2nd game back and the Clippers need him to get back into his groove, along with key bench players like JaMychal Green and Lou Williams in order for the team to win.

Tonights game starts at 6 PM PT on TNT.

Monday, August 17, 2020

The LA Clippers Keys to Winning Against the History-Making Dallas Mavericks

The NBA Playoffs are underway and the 2nd seed Los Angeles Clippers are set to face the 7th seed Dallas Mavericks. While the Mavericks are the 7th seed, they play much better being led by Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis and their list of high quality shooters. The Clippers are 3-0 against the Mavericks so far this year, but those games were closer than most think and this series will be very close and could go to 6 or even 7 games. The Clippers have to plan carefully for this fiery Mavericks offense as they statistically have the most efficient offense in NBA history with an offensive rating of 115.9 points per 100 possessions (beating last seasons Warriors team who had 115.0 points per 100 possessions). Here are the Clippers' keys to winning this series.

Slow the games down, control the pace

Teams that have great offenses generally play very fast and hit a lot of threes. The Mavericks are one of those teams. The Clippers are known for their defensive beasts in Paul George, Patrick Beverley, Kawhi Leonard, and Marcus Morris. They are all players that can guard almost every position. The Clippers have to slow Dallas down, especially on the fast break, and force the Mavericks to work for every point which will slow the whole game down. Make the Mavericks play at the Clippers pace and control the game.

Always have Kawhi Leonard or Paul George on the floor

Even if they are struggling at times during the game, the Clippers need Kawhi and PG on the court. We've seen both of these guys have bad starts to some games and quickly catch fire throughout periods of the game and eventually take over in the 4th. The Clippers also tend to struggle without them on the floor, as and the team gets too comfortable during the game which causes them to give up a lead at times. With all the precautions the Clippers have had for Leonard in George during the regular season, there is not reason why they should be playing less than 35-40 minutes each playoff game. The Clippers need to keep at least 1 star on the court at all times.

Limit the Mavericks' threes attempted

The Mavericks have a large amount of shooters with to tag along to their record breaking offense. Seth Curry, Trey Burke, Tim Hardaway Jr., Dorian Finney-Smith, Maxi Kleber, Luka Doncic, Delon Wright, and Kristaps Porzingis are all guys that can hit the three ball and the Clippers need to be aware of that. Since the NBA restarted, the Clippers haven't done a great job on limiting opposing teams' success form three and they really need to in this series if they want to win the series. Limiting threes also ties in with slowing the game down. Less transition threes means more two pointers which the Mavericks will need to work for, make this a gritty series (which Patrick Beverley has the ability to do).

Prioritize underrated key players

The last key for the Clippers to win in this serious is to prioritize their underrated players. Many may not realize this, but JaMychal Green the biggest piece for the Clippers to come out on top. We saw his ability to hit shots and play great defense last year in the series against Golden State (who had the record for most efficient offense at the time). In the bubble, Green has played great defense on guys bigger than him which is very useful for the Clippers as Ivica Zubac has been in some foul trouble and Montrezl Harrell has yet to play. Green is also shooting over 50% from three in the bubble so the Clippers need to keep him in the loop as he's had very solid play recently and plays well against fast-paced, three point shooting teams. The Clippers also have to make sure Ivica Zubac gets 4th quarter minutes and the Clippers struggle to rebound late in the game. Patrick Beverley is also a key player that needs a lot of playing time as he sparks most of the energy for the team. Lastly, the team needs to find Landry Shamet and he needs to hit his shots because he can catch fire easily and give the Clippers a very nice run at times.

Game 1 is tonight at 6 PM PT. Montrezl Harrell (quarantine), Patrick Beverley (calf), and Landry Shamet (foot) are all playing.


Saturday, August 8, 2020

The strategy behind the LA Clippers sitting Kawhi Leonard for today's game vs the Portland Trail Blazers

NBA fines Clippers $50,000 because Doc Rivers said Kawhi Leonard ...

Coming off of a solid 126-111 win against the Mavericks, the Clippers announced that Kawhi Leonard (along with Montrezl Harrell and Patrick Beverley) will not play in their game today against the Portland Trail Blazers due to 'injury management, left knee soreness'. We've seen this all year where Leonard would sit 1 game in a back to back which Doc Rivers claims that that's the case here and the Clippers 'don't worry about other teams' but that may not be true.

The Clippers have been playing very strategically all year taking much precaution when any player gets hurt as they want to be ready come playoff time. In this case, the Clippers are showing their strategy as they might want to 'throw' the game. The Trail Blazers currently are in 9th place in the West and the Clippers want them to get that 8th spot or stay 9th and be at be at most 4 games behind 8th. This season, if the 8th seed is 4 games or fewer ahead of the 9th seed, those teams would compete in a play-in tournament to determine the 8th seed for the playoffs.

So, the Clippers want Portland to stay close in that race and eventually take the 8th seed. They believe that the Blazers can give the Lakers (who hold the 1st seed), the most trouble in the 1st round of the playoffs. This could be the case too as Portland has stars like Damian Lillard and C.J. McCollum and other good players in Jusuf Nurkic, Hassan Whiteside, and Carmelo Anthony whereas other teams who are fighting for 8th (the Grizzlies, Spurs, Pelicans, Suns, and Kings) are very young and wouldn't be as much of a threat for the Lakers as the Blazers could be.

So who should Clippers fans root for to win today? The Clippers, obviously. But at the same time know that they should not be upset if Portland did win. Now if the Clippers lose today, that means they would have a 1 game lead over the Nuggets (who play the 5th-placed Jazz today). In other words, if the Nuggets win and the Clippers lose today, the Nuggets (who next play the Lakers who could counter and sit LeBron James and Anthony Davis) could eventually catch up with the Clippers. But, this shouldn't worry Clippers fans either. If the Clippers do finish 3rd in the West instead of 2nd, that means they could play the Thunder which could be a better 1st round matchup for them than playing Dallas. Getting 3rd means they'd face the Nuggets in the 2nd round if they and Denver were to win in the 1st which would have happened anyways. 

Lastly, the Lakers getting the 1st seed may not be as much of an advantage for this season, as yes they would have home court for the playoffs, but we all know that there isn't really much of an advantage for that during this unprecedented time, but they also wouldn't know who to prepare for due to the 8th vs 9th game play-in that will most likely happen. Just know, the Clippers want the Lakers to end up preparing for the Portland Trail Blazers. Also with Kawhi out today, this helps him get 2 days of rest before the Clippers play the Nets tomorrow and then he will have 2 more days of rest after before they play the Nuggets on Wednesday.

Friday, July 31, 2020

The main reason the Clippers lost to the Lakers on restart night and how they can beat the Lakers

ImageOn the night of the NBA restart, the Los Angeles Clippers lost to the Los Angeles Lakers 103-101. With the Clippers, missing their 2 six man candidates in Lou Williams and Montrezl Harrell, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George really had to step up and they did. Leonard had 28 points shooting 7-16 from the field, 3-4 from three, stealing the ball twice, and also blocking 2 shots in 33 minutes and George had 30 points shooting 11-17 from the field on 6-11 from beyond the arc with 5 rebounds and 3 steals.

This game began with players and coaches kneeling for the national anthem with arms locked including Doc Rivers locking his arms with Lakers Coach Frank Vogel and Anthony Davis in an act of social justice and step towards racial equality. The actual game itself started out sloppy with lots of questionable foul calls from Scott Foster and his crew. The Clippers had 13 fouls in the 1st quarter alone. Leonard, Morris, Zubac, Green, Noah, and Beverley each had 2 fouls at the end of the 1st. Also, with Beverley on a minutes limit, Reggie Jackson played 34 minutes and scored 10 points on 10 shots with 4 assists and 4 turnovers.

But, the main reason the Clippers lost this game was in the 3rd quarter. The Clippers were down by 12 at the end of the 1st, slowly came back to cut it down to 2 at halftime, and went on a big run in the 3rd. Paul George hit back to back threes and Kawhi hit a three and the Lakers called a timeout and that's when the downfall really started. PG had to come out the play before Leonard's three because of his 4th foul which was ultimately the reason the Clippers struggled.

Paul George was clearly the games best player as he continued to prove all of his haters wrong this game. Granted, Anthony Davis did have 34 points but shot 8-19 from the field and lived at the free throw line shooting 16-17 there. When the Lakers called that timeout, they were down by 11. There was 7:05 left in the 3rd which is a ton of time in the game but their run after the timeout really swung the whole momentum the Clippers built up from their flurry of threes. With PG sitting, LeBron James hit a three and Davis finished an alley-oop and the Lakers chipped away at the Clippers' lead. Then Leonard was subbed out and the Lakers cut it down to 1 heading into the 4th.

The Lakers went on a 14-3 run to start the 4th and left the Clippers playing catch up for a while. But, the Clippers did come back thanks to Patrick Beverley and Kawhi Leonard. The Clippers cut it down to a 4 point game with 2 minutes left when Doc Rivers surprisingly brought in Landry Shamet who has had a bad game up to this point shooting 1-8. Now it's understandable Doc wanted a shooter in for Marcus Morris who also struggled, but him putting in Shamet was not the right move. He probably would've been better off putting in Beverley who was hot in the 4th quarter. Anyways, Shamet turned the ball over when he entered. PG later hit a clutch three with 28 seconds left to tie it and then LeBron rebounded his own missed shot and finished it to take the lead. The Clippers had 1 last chance and it ended with PG tossing up a three which resulted in the Lakers winning.

Although the Clippers lost, there were a lot of positives from this game from them. They only lost by 2 with Harrell and Williams out, Beverley played ONLY 16 minutes (and did score 12 points), they had guys in foul trouble for a lot of the game and still managed to play aggressive, and players like Shamet, Zubac, Morris, and Jackson struggled when they all probably won't if playing the Lakers again. These are all things the Clippers can fix. One thing that could be worth noting for the Clippers is the substitutions made by Coach Doc Rivers. We know that Ivica Zubac doesn't usually play in the 4th quarter, but with Montrezl Harrell out we though we'd see more of him. We didn't. This may be because of how he struggled a bit with rebounding this game but Rivers doesn't usually play him anyways in crunch time when he should because the Clippers need rebounds (as showed by LeBron getting his own and making the game winning putback). Also it was strange that Doc continued to play Shamet when he was obviously struggling and play Reggie when he wasn't great in the 2nd half when Beverley played well in the 4th and when he didn't put in Terance Mann or Rodney McGruder at all. Other than those, Rivers coached well as he continued to fight for his team and did make nice calls with inserting Patterson and Green into lineups more who both played well. It was also nice to see  Amir Coffey and Joakim Noah contribute well in their limited minutes.

But, while some of the Clippers looked a bit rusty, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George didn't miss a beat which is a very good sign to see. With a few tweaks, the Clippers are bound to keep winning like they did before the season was suspended. The Clippers next play the Pelicans (who need to win to fight for that 8th playoff spot at) at 3PM PT.

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Lou Williams receives 10-day mandated quarantine and the Clippers vs Wizards Recap

On Thursday night rapper Jack Harlow posted a picture on Instagram with Clippers guard Lou Williams at the Magic City Gentlemen's club. At first, Harlow denied this picture was recent as he said he "reminiscing" because he missed Williams. After the picture blew up on social media, Lou admitted to league officials that he was at the club but he said he only stopped by to get food as he's said over the years that Magic City is also one of his favorite restaurants. Williams claims he was a Magic City for a short time and then left to go to his grandfather's funeral a day later.

With the 10-day quarantine Williams will have to miss the Clippers' final scrimmage game against the Kings and the first 2 regular season games against the Lakers and the Pelicans. He will be able to return on August 4th against the Suns. The Clippers will have to have players like Reggie Jackson, Landry Shamet, and Rodney McGruder step up in his absence. Terance Mann and Amir Coffey may also see some more playing time with him out.

In other news, Ivica Zubac and Landry Shamet have entered the bubble, Montrezl Harrell says he's coming back soon and Patrick Beverley is expected to return soon. Yesterday the Clippers beat the Wizards 105-100 after stellar performances by the 3rd string players. With Kawhi Leonard struggling as he scored 6 points going 3-16 from the field and 0-8 from 3 in 24 minutes and Paul George struggling as he scored 11 points on 10 shots and shot 1-4 from the free throw line, the Clippers needed others to step up and they did. Marcus Morris had 13 points on 5-9 shooting, Reggie Jackson had 10 points in 20 minutes, JaMychal Green had 9 points and 10 rebounds, Patrick Patterson had 16 points on 70% shooting along with 6 rebounds, Terance Mann had 13 points, 7 rebounds, and 4 assists, Amir Coffey had 13 points, and Rodney McGruder also had 13 points and 5 rebounds to go along with some clutch shots. Joakim Noah also had a great defensive game as he only scored 1 point but contributed with his 6 rebounds, 5 assists, and 5 blocks. In other words, the whole team stepped up when PG and Kawhi didn't play well and that's a great sign for the Clippers to see that they may have even more bench depth than we thought.

The Clippers face the Kings tomorrow at 1PM PT.